New Sd install getting NODE-RED info

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I’ve just installed the new emonSD-30Oct18 but have forgotten to copy across the NODE-RED config. Can this be copy by pluging the old SD into the PC and then manually transferring the data to the new SD via PuTTy.


Okay I’ve reloaded the old sd and exported the node-red. All fixed.

WelL I thought all was okay. I can’t seem to find NODE-red on the SD at :1880. Also I can’t see the new sd as it won’t allow me to connect via PuTTy (SSH).


Sorry just saw the comment:

Node-RED is NOT pre-installed on emonSD-30Oct18, see NodeRED RaspberryPi Install Guide to install

Hi @JohnSchols

Correct, NodeRED is not installed on the emonSD-30Oct18. However, it can be installed following the NodeRED RasPi installation guide:

It should be just a case of running

bash <(curl -sL

If you have not done so already you will need to enable then connect via SSH:

Let us know how you get on.

Update: just seen your new thread: