New SD for RPi 2 - what firmware version to use or replace Pi

I’m looking to replace the SD card in my emonPi. The original is still operating but since it has been in use since 2016, and been through a thunderstorm damage event, a new card sounds like a good investment.

In flashing a new image to the new card which build should I use? I was about to use the latest when I realised it was for RPi3 and the emonPi has a RPi2B (from 2016), so should I stick to emonSD-30Oct18 build same as the old card?

Alternatively I do have a spare RPi3 (with broken HDMI port), is there any point in swapping this into the emonPi and thus using a new build firmware?

My default approach would be to say “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” (and what I have does exactly what I want with 2 CT + 4 sensors), but perhaps there are benefits to be had in upgrading? My only niggle with my current set-up is that the LCD remains permanently lit. I think this was a known bug with a workaround but I never pursued it. If that was solved in a build it would be cool.

Almost certainly no. We always advise staying up to date. There’s a limit to the number of versions we’re able to support, and it’s likely that the update route will become impossible at some point (even if it works now). I’m running the latest-but-one version, but with the CM front end software (only because I don’t want to stop the long-running test on the front end) on a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Rev 1.1 - 1GB (Sony UK) also. It’s just slow producing a big graph.

The LCD now times out - after how long, I can’t remember. It’s been a while since that change.

As I wrote on the other Topic, I would certainly advise replacing the SD Card, even if you do a straight copy of everything on your existing one.

Use the latest SD Card image- Update & Upgrade - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

I’d also create a backup routine…

If the lastest build works on RPi2 the it would be nice if the release notes said so.:slight_smile:

AFAIK the image works with all versions of the RPi. - @TrystanLea?

I have to say I have not tried the latest one with a Pi Zero, but the RPi Foundation just have one release for all devices and we use that base image to preinstall Emoncms etc.

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I’m using 21jul21 on a RPi2B. See Using latest stable emonSD (emonSD-21Jul21) on Raspberry Pi 2 Model B - #3 by mjr