New RF protocol - RFM69 modules and generic gateway

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(Chaveiro) #1

I’m developing my own nodes with RFM69 modules and decided to not use the rfm12 JeeLabs library and use a RFM69 specific one to gain added functionality of the new hardware. This will make new RF nodes incompatible with the older.

So i’m building a generic gateway RF->TCP that can pass pairs of name->value data to the emoncms input API.

Now need to create a message payload format and re-think the concept of node id to support any number of devices.
1 - I’m thinking on using msgpack:
2 - Use serial number / guid / mac, or just some setup phase pre-roll authentication?
3 - Size limitation, each data package on the air must be < 63bytes.
4 - Large multi-package messages is a desired option.
5 - Support for out-band data like RSSI, battery level, etc
6 - Support bidirectional data for remote config / firmware update?

Any one want to give inputs on this and about other data encoding formats to use that can be implemented on an arduino?

(Jon Murphy) #2

I’m curious if you had considered the LowPowerLab drivers?

I’m not an expert but have been experimenting with them for the past few months.

(Chaveiro) #3

Yes, I’m using their drivers. They are nice, but still need to dig on multi package support.