New regulations for chargers

As far as I can see new regulations are going to make life very difficult for the Open ESVE, such as Electric car owners to see major new laws for home chargers this month | and Regulations: electric vehicle smart charge points - GOV.UK

It’s already non-compliant on DC leakage detection, thus requiring an expensive external detector. So what plans are there to make it compliant with all new regs?

I am happy with mine and ignore the DC detection issue but new buyers are going to have problems as far as I can see.

I don’t believe there is much that OpenEVSE is missing. I think it is mostly the secure boot/update and the biggest issue there is the Open bit of OpenEVSE unfortunately. The GPL v3 license prevents secure boot (in any meaningful fashion) so the first step would be to change the license, and after that we would have to figure out how to ship versions that are ‘open’. It would probably need there to be an ‘open’ (none compliant) kit version and a ‘closed’, as in can only be updated with an official release, version.