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New protocol implementation


I just finished watching a Fully Charged video (Largest Vehicle-To-Grid Charging Project On The Planet? - YouTube) about V2G via Type 2 A/C connector. Apparently they have ported the CHADEMO protocol over to the Type 2 connector for A/C V2G. I’m assuming as part of this protocol it must be possible to query the cars battery % and this would be very useful to me for my software product. Do you think the OpenEVSE units could be updated to implement some of this new protocol so that we could query the cars battery % via say an MQTT command?

Hi Nick,

I’ve just watched the episode myself, very interesting. It makes total sense to do the power conversion in the vehicle, to output 240V AC via a type-2 connector. I agree with the approach.

As to be expected It sounds like significant hardware changes are required to the vehicle for this to work, the cars they were testing currently are prototypes, they mentioned the manufacturers they’re working with were looking to integrate this tech into their production vehicles in the next 3 years.

Without having specific knowledge of how their protocol works, I’m certain it will be much more advanced than J1772 (Chademo V2G used CAN), the OpenEVSE will probably require a significant hardware update in order to be compatible. It’s definitely something we’ll keep a close eye on in the future.

In the short term the closest we have to V2G is V2L which now being built into a number of new EVs on the market today e.g Honda e, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Kia EV6, 2022 MG5.

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Yeah, I realise that there are no current EVs that support this new protocol yet but in a few years. I have a MG ZS EV 2022 on order and that supports V2L though only just over 2 kW as I recall, still it might be useful.
I’m not really that interested in the V2G aspects of the protocol, though it would be interesting to incorporate that into my software but more just the ability to be able to get the cars state of charge through the EVSE unit. This would be very useful to me.

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