New Opensource energy Meter based on EmonTX

Hi Everyone,
I have really enjoyed working with Emontx and I have even made advances in its communication. I was able to come up with this.

A emontx version with GSM and Ethernet capabilities packaged into one. I would like to release under open source through github

It includes images of the board and schematic as well as the code. I will continue to update this with eagle files and better versions of the code. Currently the code has only gprs as connectivity but I will add, sms and ethernet capabilities to it very soon.


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Nice work, looks good!

Wow, this looks like what I’m looking for (I basically want an emonTX which sends its data not via 433MHz and not via Wifi but via ethernet). But I’m just getting started with Arduino and EmonTX so I’m lacking information on what exactly I’m seeing/ how to use it.

To start with: I’m not seeing any ethernet jack on the board. How do I use the ethernet capabilities?

And: what exactly does it do? Does it do everything the emonTX does with the CT clamps (minus 433 MHz)?

Your alternative may be to connect the EmonTX directly by serial to an RPi or a Pi clone that has an Ethernet port.

That is tidy.
@borpin I’ve done that, needs two wires, GND and the emonTx’s Tx. Can’t use the rfm2pi afterwards is the main barrier then, so no easy emonTH addition, for example.

Yes but horses for courses. If you want a TH as well, then you’ll be happy with RFM.

Hi Christoph,

In the above circuit, I used the Arduino Ethernet LAN module ENC28J60 that connects to SV2. From Arduino store, this seems to no longer be in supply, I would suggest going with ARDUINO MKR ETH SHIELD.
The pin-out from SV2 will need to change and you may need to use a couple of SV1( NB I am referencing the above brd design) spacing them according to the Arduino MKR ETH SHIELD. I believe the controller pin out should remain and function effectively.