New openevse unit won’t power up

I have received and built my openevse unit, I have connected to 13amp house power supply temporarily to connect to Wi-Fi and setup in the house before moving out to the garage, however the unit won’t power up? Is this because the unit requires a bigger 32amp supply? Or does it require connection to a car to power up the unit? Upon inspection the unit does power up when the relay is manually triggered and this seems to be the only way the unit can take power from that side of the relay unless it takes power from the incoming car charging cable which won’t 240v

Hi Andrew

Are you sure you’ve wired the supply to the board from the right side of the main relay? It should be powered from the live side…


It sounds like you’ve connected the connection to the controller from the wrong (switched) end of the contactor. The controller should be connected to the always live end of the contactor. The LCD should always be illuminated when the unit is connected to power irrespective of vehicle connection.

thanks, i had wired the supply to the load side(aahh) i miss understood the instalation video. all works fine now.