New joiner - advice on remote solar dump

Hello. New user here. Had emonpi running for one month, very impressed. This is a precursor to a solar PV install in a few weeks. I intend to get an eddi to dump excess solar to immersion, but I suspect I will have further excess solar, until I get an EV. I would like to have the eddi secondary output turn on a remote load, namely a towel rad element some distance away.
The question is - is there hardware is available off the shelf to do this? There are many smart plugs/socket etc but thats not quite what I want - I want a Tx and Rx, ideally connected over house WiFi, where the Tx is some sender unit that can be toggled on by the eddi relay output (with additional app controlled manual scheduling etc.), and the Rx is basically something that can go in a 1 gang box…


Robin Emley can offer you a kit to do what you want, but it uses the ISM band radio that we use - so directly compatible with your emonPi.