New install into freebsd jail

hey guys, been using emoncms for a few years now, installed in a freebsd jail on my own server via instructions from this page “Instructions for Installing Emoncms on NAS4Free / FreeBSD file server | Archived Forum” back in 2013. i’ve been able to add modules and stuff in the past, but i dont do things often enough to keep my head around what i did/ do to make it work.
id like to update the system, but the upgrade links in the admin tabs dont work. the log files dont exist.

any suggestions on how to redo my setup to get upgrade tabs etc working and future upgradeability?

thanks, Melv.

Sorry, but nobody who knows appears to have seen your post.

The last release of emonCMS has had a lot of things moved around, so it’s likely that the documentation hasn’t yet caught up. In any case, it’s recommended - for the “standard” Raspberry Pi installation - to start with a fresh image and transfer the data with the backup/restore mechanism, because it became unrealistic to update the old operating system, so there’s not an upgrade path even for the RPi that goes back beyond the last two releases, I think.

@TrystanLea might be able to help, or point you in the right direction.

Here’s another thread that deals with installing emonCMS in a freeBSD jail:

It may or may not be of any help, so no guarantees. :wink:

Sorry Im not familiar enough with the freebsd jail to know what to do exactly. I guess our debian based installation script wont work? it uses commands such as apt-get update etc which I imagine are different on freebsd?

Don’t know if this is of any help, but here’s how a debian-jail can be set up under FreeBSD:

FreeBSD has a Linux compatibility layer which allows it to run Linux (ELF) binaries without a problem.
Whether or not this will enable what the OP is asking for I can’t say.

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hey guys, thanks for the ideas,
i’ll investigate them all further in near future.
currently ive managed to setup a Debian VM on my server, and installed EmonCMS using the Debian install script, I’ve managed to login to it all from my home network as i would expect to, now to just transfer data from the jailed system to the new one!

Good to hear you found something that works. thumbsup