New home-assistant add-on retrieving radio data sent from emontx

To test more the correct behaviour of the emoncms home assistant add-on, I’ve created another add-on to retrieve radio packets from emontx

Right now, it works only with old RFM69 devices such as emonpi or RFM69PI using ttyAMA0

The repo is here : GitHub - Open-Building-Management/emontx_sniffer: home-assistant addon sniffer for devices like openergymonitor emontx

To install it in home-assistant, just add the repo path to the add-on store and install the tool

Everything is explained in the doc of the addon, but if you are running a SD card written with Raspberry Pi - Home Assistant or with Raspberry Pi - Home Assistant, you will have to deactivate the bluetooth

The configuration is very easy, you only give the username/password of the broker running on the emoncms add-on…

Critics and feedback are welcome. It is actually just a proof of concept, in order to see how to run in container a tool like emonhub without being in privileged mode…for ttyAMA0, things are simple, it will be a little more complicated with ttyUSB* as you can connect/reconnect the device many times…but it is possible using cgroups with docker, so why not in home-assistant…

The container is build for 3 archs with the github actions : amd64/armv7/aarch64
It can work as a standalone docker container and is available on my docker profile :




Not something I’ll use or can test, but looks really interesting :slight_smile:

Ok understood, thanks @borpin

I was just wondering, what is the most common setup for energy monitoring around here ?

maybe emonpi and old RFM69 are devices from the past time and right now most of you are using the new usb key, with the Low Power Labs firmware ?

It seems to be nice indeed

My RFM setup is a really old RFM69 & TX 3.2 (I think) on fairly original firmware. I do also have a later TX3 connected by serial to a Pi (as a test setup) and an EmonPi (also a testbed). I’ve not tried any of the different RFM firmware options.

It needs tidying up, but I’ll probably end up with just the TX with serial/WiFi connection feeding to MQTT and my PVE emoncms.

The HA emoncms though is really interesting especially as the Wi-Fi TX4 would be my preferred setup if I was going for it from scratch. A TX4, Wi-Fi, and emoncms on HA is extremely simple and relatively cheap (compared to other options).

Yes, wifi tx4 is a nice option

would any of you be interested in an emonhub docker image ?

Someone asked for here :

Just to know if this could be usefull ?

just pushed a new version tagged alpine3.18.1

added the ability to use USB dongle like JeeLink RFM69CW to USB Transceiver 433Mhz - Shop | OpenEnergyMonitor

for standalone usage, docker images are here :