New functionality for feed sanitation

Hi there,

As part of several recent developments for emonCMS, I have been working in feed sanitation functionality. I invite people to try it before we can say it is stable. You can find it in the data_checker branch from this repository.

The new things:

  • New input processes (in Limit category)
    • Max. value allowed: If value is greater than max value allowed then the value passed to following process will be the max value allowed
    • Min. value allowed: If value is lower than min value allowed then the value passed to following process will be the min value allowed
  • Feed data checker/fixer: giving starting and end dates, it will check a feed for:
    • Values greater a specific number.
    • Values lower a specific number
    • Missing points (for fixed interval feeds).
      Then you can choose if you want to fix those datapoints. The fix for missing datapoints is basic interpolation.

The feed checker/fixer functionality will work with every feed engine but has been optimized for PHPFINA and PHPTIMESERIES. You can run it clicking on the new icon-check in your feeds view.

Beware that the “fix” will change your feed so use it with care.



Does this still exist?

Would you please direct me to exactly where it is?

If you click on the link, then select the


Caveat emptor

I have no idea how to integrate it into the existing code base.

I suggest you fork the project into your own GitHub account, then clone it locally from there.

I noticed there where quite a few merge conflicts on @cagabi’s branch when comparing to the latest master branch. I have copied his data_checker branch across to the main emoncms repository under a branch of the same name and fixed the conflicts. I haven’t yet tested the functionality. The data check is only availble in the older feed list interface, so it would be good to get that in feedlist_view_v2.php if this is to be merged.

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