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New EV today - aghast at the shape of my graphs, and this is just the start

I’ve been monitoring my power since 2011 and have seen all sorts of patterns, including that day we got to 10kW.

However, I couldn’t believe what I saw when looked at the graph whilst our new EV was plugged in today…and that’s just on the mains socket:

It’s like nothing I’ve seen before. No other device in our house just constantly draws considerable power for hours on end.

I can’t even imagine the look on my face when we move to a 7kW charger.

Are you folks just so used to it now that it seems normal?

Every time I see it my brain just thinks “something’s very wrong somewhere” and wants to go fix it.

Yes, quite used to it now, I think early on I had to remind myself that it’s about 1/4 of the energy to do the same mileage in a petrol car. Overall ends up being one third of our overall electric consumption. My Leaf is an early model with only a 3.8 kW charger for home charging and about 20 kWh out of 24 kWh usable battery so I do still get surprised when a visitor with 50-60 kWh of battery capacity and 7kW charging plugs into our home charger! :slight_smile:

spot the EV charging:

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Mine can only charge at 3.6Kw but this is a charge up to put back 18 miles of use

My GO Faster starts at 21.30 - 02:30


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We had the same when friends plugged into our charge point - which we’ve never used as our car hasn’t finally died yet, so we’ve not gone electric.

I showed them the graph and suggested that if they had enough charge to get home, to get off my charge point!!! :smiley:


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You’ll have to tell us how you feel when you plug your own car in @Bramco :slight_smile:

Our frugal diesel finally decided to croak so we had to do something.

And there are plenty of stories out there of melted sockets as a result. At least when you move to a 32A EVSE you’ll know it was designed (and installed) with the expectation that it’ll be delivering 32A all night long.


for me my EV added on average about 100 kw to my grid usage per month which works out to $10 a month ( i have a fair amount of surplus solar) . but I was spending roughly $150 in gas before so for me it being great. if you look at the bigger picture . you live in the UK so your electricity probable double my costs and your gas is also 30% higher then mine

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