New EmonVS 3phase RJ45 with EmonTX4 RJ11

I need to connect both a 3 phase EmonPi2 and EmonTX4, to a new 3phase EmonVS with the RJ45 connector.
When ordering in a bit of a rush, I missed the plug had changed unfortunately.

Could the pin-out of the RJ45 from the new EmonVS and RJ11 of the TX4 be shared so I make up an adapter cable please ?

The RJ45 on the emonVs V1.3.2:

pin service
1 Voltage phase 1
2 Voltage phase 2
3 Voltage phase 3
4&5 + 5V
6&7&8 GND

The RJ11 on the emonTx4.0.4 & emonTx4.0.5:

pin service
2 +5 V
3 n/c
4 Voltage phase 3
5 Voltage phase 2
6 Voltage phase 1

The above is taken from circuit diagrams available on Github. If this doesn’t help, @TrystanLea or @Gwil should be able to help you. I believe an adapter is in the pipeline.

thank you robert :slight_smile:

Thanks @Robert.Wall I’ve added pinout pictures to the emonPi2 hardware page:

If your happy to make up an adapter cable that’s great. I posted about adapting an RJ11 emonVs to provide a single phase RJ45 emonPi2 output here emonPi2 Pictures & Spec - #26 by rupert but that’s the other way around to what you need.

Happy if you want to post your emonVs back to us and we can make the modification here to provide both and RJ11 and RJ45 output.