New emonHub > Emoncms MQTT Setup

Continuing the discussion from emonSD-03May16 Release:

Here is the data flow used by latest EmonHub and Emoncms MQTT input on the latest emonSD image :

  1. RFM69CW Receives data (passed via serial port from emonPi) >
  2. emonHub Decodes and posts to MQTT emon/ topic >
  3. Mosquitto MQTT server running locally >
  4. Emoncms MQTT input process subscribes to MQTT emon/ topic >
  5. Data appears in Emoncms Inputs

Step 2. where emonHub decodes the RFM69CW data still uses the emonHub node decoders set in emonhub.conf. This is where your inputs get named. The MQTT topics and sub-topics are named using the node and key names from emonhub.conf

Graphical form:

See this page for how to configure emonHub node decoders:

I will add a flow diagram to the MQTT Inputs page