New Dashboard format - multi channel stacked histogram

I have been thinking about what I want from an Energy Dashboard. As someone who only consumes energy it will be different to others in some respects. This thought is also driven by a ‘What do I do with an EmonTX4 in terms of data Visualisation’ when it can measure all the individual circuits?

Things have changed in the last few years in terms of being able to measure what devices are consuming - the power measuring smart plug is pretty widely available. HA have come up with an Energy dashboard which is pretty good, but the basic Emoncms dashboard has not changed much.

With that in mind, I’d like to see a combining or tree based visualisation

Top level - total consumption;
Second level - per dist board (optional)
Third level - per circuit consumption + remaining (where not all circuits are measured)
Fourth level - devices per circuit + unmeasured devices.

This would (probably) confirm the circuits with the highest use, allow that use to be broken down again and possibly identify a device that uses more than you think.

A stacking histogram stacked at 2 levels.

NOt sure I’ve explained that well :frowning: