Need help with emonTX firmware update

I bought an EmonTx v3 back in february 2015 (Order #8252).
I recently bought a pulse cont device and I would like to use it with this EmonTx. I understand i need to update the firmware.

  1. what firmware do I need?
  2. will this update preserve my current feeds (and maybe just add the pulse counting)?

I do have hardware to connect and upload firmware, I just need to know which one and if I have to change anything before compiling/uploading (for example, how do I know if I have to use the RFM12B or RFM69CW?)

I don’t have access to the Shop records (@Gwil - help please!) so I don’t know which version of emonTx you have.

You will have either the emonTx V3.2 or the V3.4. You must take the emonTx out of its case.
The V3.2 had the processor on a separate small circuit board labelled “RFμ”, and on top of that is a separate smaller circuit board with the radio module. Therefore there are 3 layers of circuit board altogether. This is a RFμ without the radio module:

The V3.4 has the processor surface mounted directly on the main circuit board, and the radio module mounts directly onto that. So there are 2 layers of circuit board altogether. There is a photo of a V3.4 here.

I do not think the RFÎĽ used the RFM69CW. You can see which radio you have from the pictures here.

When I know what you have, I can tell you which sketch to use - and if changes are necessary, what those changes are.

Do you know which version of the sketch you have? If you connect the programmer, it will list the version on the Arduino IDE Monitor when you reset the emonTx.

You should keep the same feeds to emonHub/emonCMS.

It should be an emonTx V3.4, but still worth checking - just in case.

Isn’t the RJ45 socket unique to just the v3.4?

Although if there IS an RJ45 socket, then it will still need to come out of it’s case to determine if it’s rfm12b or rfm69cw as early v3.4’s could be either I think.

there is a rj45 that is currently hooked up to a temp sensor. My intention was to substitute the temp sensor with pulse counter.
I will take it out of the case as soon as I can and report back.
One more question…
I have a new EmonTx that I want to use on another electric panel. what of I change the old one with the new one so that I can use the pulse counter? if I set the dip switches to have the same node ID, will the outputs match the old ones so that the logs I have will continue to accumulate with correct data?

If you have an RJ45 I would say it can pulsecount. You can connect both a temp sensor and pulsecounter to the RJ45 using an RJ45 breakout adapter or you can use the screw terms for one sensor.

Although the new emonTx will definitely have an rfm69cw and the latest FW, there is only minor changes to the emonTX since the first release, There might not be anything to gain as you can easily add the latest FW to the older one if you choose, we just need to be sure the right FW/settings are used (ie for rfm12b or rfm69cw).

ok, I have 3.4 (it’s written on the board), but how do i know if the radio is one or the other?



You have an RFM12B. Pictures for all the variants are here:
Learn→Electricity Monitoring→Networking→Which radio module→Identifying different Radio Modules
If you download the latest sketch, you must change

 #define RF69_COMPAT 1

to become:

 #define RF69_COMPAT 0

I’m in a similar position but have been shying away from updating the sketch - I modified it at the time to take additional temp sensors but that has been lost. Can you provide a link (or a link to a list of available sketchs for different EmonTX versions if there is such a thing).

There isn’t an official list that I know of - neither is there any indication on the old/obsolete sketches that they are in fact old, obsolete and superseded.

I made a list in March 2015, so it is guaranteed out of date, and the file paths have probably been moved around a few times since then, but here for what it’s worth is
Sketch Compatibility.txt (1.5 KB)

It’s not hard to do that with the “discrete monitoring” sketches – if you tell me which you want to use as a starting point, I can steer you through the necessary changes.

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I managed to upload the sketch and it works. Thanks for all your help!

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