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Need help troubleshooting Android App connection error

Is there any way I can troubleshoot this? I dont know if its a server problem or an app settings problem. App connects but gets a connection error after 10 seconds.

Hello @ishtangli testing here and it seems to be working fine. Are you connecting to or your own server? Do you see any data in the app? can you try reconfiguring the app by scanning the QR code again?

Connecting to my own server. Fresh install on Ubuntu 20.

Yes, I can see data but after 10 seconds, I get a connection error.

if you are not on the same network it may fail, unless your server is available on the internet that is.


I’m on the same network. And it does update the values once. But after 10 seconds (or the time for another update) it will show the connection error.

Did a fresh install on Ubuntu 18 with EmonCMS stable build. Issue is gone. Seems to be a server side settings problem. My guess, something in Ubuntu 20 is preventing queries (it may ba a form of flood protection). Just dont know what to change for it to work properly on Ubuntu 20.