Need help in finding right BMS for Lifepo4(Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery Pack

Hello Dear Admin and all members
i have doubt
am basically non technical, but still with help of videos and forums i gained some knowledge and DIY my own electric scooter
am building a battery pack with Lifepo4(lithium iron phosphate) batteries 60V 36Ah,battery is (Lifepo4 32650 3.2v 6000mah) am using 19S6P here am in a situation i need a BMS i came from a place where this kind of DIY battery packs are quite new am wondering if some one could help in finding BMS, situation is am able to find Li ion BMS in our local websites not much for Lifepo4 BMS, may i use lithium ion BMS for my lifepo4 battery pack

Thanks in Advance

I have a larger Lifepo4 battery 120ah but uses 50 ah prismatic cells… i looked at its BMS there nothing to complex to it … you could easily build BMS for it…

but in your case this is probably the easiest