Need help chosing the right products for Heat pumps monitoring

Hello everyone,

First post here, I hope it’s the right place/category.
I’d like to jump into heat pump monitoring but don’t really where to start. I’ve tried to understand which solutions Open Energy Monitor has to offer but I’m not familiar with MBUS, RS485 and all…

I live in Belgium, I currently monitor my electricity consumption and production through different brands (myenergi for EVSE, SolarEdge for PV inverter, smart meter, Shelly and Meross for home appliances…) and Home Assistant to gather them all.

I’ve just got an air source heat pump for my pool (BluePlus Full inverter 11kW) and would like to get more info from its COP.
I already have an Shelly 4PM connected to it which gives me its electrical consumption… It’s a start but I’d like to know how efficient it is on the long term and how to make the best use of it.

I know the inverter has an RS485 connection available but it seems to be for control and not monitor the appliance:

(sorry, it’s in French, I can translate it if it’s relevant)

I can control the temperature and modes through Smartlife app (and so HA), though.
On the poolhouse, there’s WiFi and Ethernet RJ45 plugs available.

So my questions are:
What should I buy ?
What price range should I expect? I’ve seen some device like the Diehl Sharky 775 but I’m not sure if I’m ready to spend 900€ “just” for COP monitoring.

Thanks in advance for taking the time read and answer, any help is appreciated.
Chris from Belgium

P.S.: I’m planning on buying an air-air heat pump for the house later this year or yearly next year… But that’s maybe a story for another time :slight_smile:

Hello @BeyondPixels

Probably the simplest and least expensive option to gain quite a bit of insight is to monitor the flow temperature and outside temperature and use that to estimate the COP using the carnot COP equation.
There a bit discussing this approach here in " Level 2: System temperatures:":
Heat Pump Monitoring - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

Are you doing any temperature sensing in the house already? Perhaps a shelly integrating with what you already have would do what you want?

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Thanks, I’ve seen this page but didn’t know what option to choose.
I get it better now and realize I could ended up find it all by myself, sorry for the noob question.

I do have room based thermostats from Honeywell for my house but the usecase here is for the heatpump of my pool.
This heatpump provides current and target temperatures, though.
I can also get the outdoor temperature from another device.

But I still need to get the flow and return temperatures… and do the math by myself if I don’t provide the data to the EmonTx, I guess?
I’ve seen this link to help me achieve that.

Thanks again !