Need help calibration emonTX Shield v2.4

Hi. I am using only 7 inputs. Deleting them and re-naming is away by all the data, but at the same time to decompose schedule and other settings …

Deleting and replacing is the only way you can do it on and as you do not have any complex processing it would be very easy to do.

Sorry. I’m not sure what you mean there. what settings? and schedule isn’t available on so I think you are referring to something else.

That is the correct sketch for a 3-phase, 4-wire system.

I suggest you take the parts of your emonESP sketch that are only for the ESP and move those into the 3-phase sketch. You will need to change the parts of the 3-phase sketch that write to serial output so that the data is sent in the same format as the ESP sketch.

As I wrote above, I cannot do it as I do not have an ESP to test with.

The emonTx three-phase sketch already supports serial printing data in a format that the emonESP expects, this was added in V0.9 in Nov 2016:

Sorry. I am writing correctly in English.
I wanted to say that deleting feeds graphs become damaged, they need to re-storage surfaces, to name.

well. The following example Glyn Hudson three-phase with the ESP, try-calibrated.

sends the temperature without the decimal point. Example 258 C and should 25.8 C.
What lines to put EMONESP serial to send all phases kWh values? Is this code is not ready calculator costs? Thank you.