Need Gerber files for RFM69PI (v3)

Hi Guy;s

I am looking for the Gerber files for the RFM69PI (v3)
there not on the github, only the hardware design files are there.


Have you tried generating the Gerbers through Eagle?
The board is small enough to not require the paid for version, so with Eagle free you can export them yourself.

Hi Daniel

no i did not tried the Geber file thtough Eagle.
I was hoping someone has already did that process :wink:

I know the sentiment :wink:
I could do it for you, but I’d have to charge thousand and thousands of pounds :grin:

Sorry @natnek, we’ve only got the schematic and board files available on github as you have seen:
RFM2Pi/hardware/RFM69Pi_V3.1 at master · openenergymonitor/RFM2Pi · GitHub

If you open the schematic and board file in eagle, then select File > CAM processor, then under ‘Output’ select: (I’ve uploaded that to my heatpump monitor repository but we use it for our other hardware too). Then ‘Process Job’ to complete.

That should do it.

Thanx Trystan

I wil give it a try. :+1:

Hi Trystan

I use Eagle 9.5.2

so far so good, I can import the sch and brd file.
but if i want to import your cam file I got two warnings.

must i use your cam file? or can i use the default RS 274X for this?

Out of interest… can I ask what you need the Gerbers for?

Hi Daniel

I want to go to the proces of creating pcb 's


The warnings you have there can basically be ignored, they’re to do with changes between Eagle v7 and v9. However…

You can indeed use the default 2-layer CAM processor of your version of Eagle, for this board. Other boards requiring milling might need different settings.

What’s possibly More important than getting the CAM settings perfect now, is having a Gerber viewer to verify the output. Do you have program for viewing the gerber files? It’s always worth checking the outputs before sending the files to the PCB manufacturer.

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Thank you for you advice.
I wil use the default layer 2 cam file.
And no i dont have a program that can view gerber files, is there a freeware program on the net?

What OS have you? Linux? Mac? PC?

I have the Windows version.

Have a look here.

home page: