Need a hand? Emoncms Android app

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Hi! I’ve just started using the Android app and love it. Great work!

I wondered whether you could use a hand? I don’t have any mobile experience, and it’s several years since I’ve used Java, so I won’t be able to take any big ticket items initially. Selfishly, I would like to make a few cosmetic improvements to improve the usability, but I want to support the project and help out with other ideas from the wishlist as well.

Is there a venue for discussing proposals, or should I just start to submit PRs and the discussions happen there? If there’s a “getting involved” readme somewhere that I should check out, please let me know.


Thanks for the offer @Chris_Birkett that would be great! The Android app has been largely developed through community contribution with @tamsin and @JumpMaster doing a large part of the work. Starting by submitting pull requests with discussions on the github repo would be a great way of getting involved

@glyn.hudson might also be able to help with pointers on the app as he has been more involved than I have.

Hi Chris,

Any improvements / additions to the Android app would be great. There are a number of ‘issues’ open, some of which are ideas for future development:

There are a few minor things which would not be too hard to add:

  • Ability to change units e.g show temperature deg C instead of W/kW, possibly the app could get the correct unit from the Emoncms feed. Is this possible via the API @TrystanLea @emrys
  • User selectable colour scheme
  • Feed page to view a simple graph of any Emoncms feed

More complicated but worthwhile features include:

  • MySolarPV / MySolarDivert display

These are just my ideas, feel free to develop your own. Happy to discuss here if you like/

Thank you both - I’ll spend some time getting to know the app locally then will be in touch on GitHub :slight_smile:

Please take a look at the decimal values too (example: 0,1kwh or 30.5C).