NA in value column of Emon base

Hi I am trying to set up an emon txv4 3phase on my emon base. I believe I have it configured properly but I am seeing NA instead of the sensor values in my input and feed screen. I have only seen this befre on my emonpi’s when the EmontH were oit of range or battery, My emon base is connected to the TX4 via USB. I can see the values when I log into the TX directly. At present just tesing on single phase but I get no P1 or Vrms reperted jusr NA. Any ideas?


I think I have just solved this, with reference to the TX4 set up. A usb c to Usb A is required to lik the base and TX4, not c to c, and to make issues more random the usb c has to be in the correct orientation. So looks like problem solved, bit of pilot error on my part.

I think you wanted this page: