MySolarPV App

How can I run this app on an RPi running Raspian Jessie? This RPi has a screen fitted and is to be used as a kitchen counter display.
Usage and generation data will be obtained from two remote RPi’s using SSHFS over SSH.
WiFi coverage is available.

Hello @johnbanks

The easiest way would be to install our pre-built emonSD SD card image. That has everything you need pre-configured:

Otherwise, there is an installation guide for emoncms here, but you need to make sure you have all the right dependencies and configuration:

Trystan …
Many thx for yr swift response.
Several months ago I tried the emon card image but had a problem that I couldn’t figure out how to fix …
The MySolarPV image was too large for the RPi screen and I could not shrink it to fit.
Any suggestions?

Ah ok, yes the MySolarPV app is really designed for a relatively high resolution screen, its best viewed on a tablet or laptop. Its not really an easy fix, you could perhaps try zooming out using the browser but its not always a reliable solution.