MySolar - How to revert to previous version?


I have just updated my EmonPi to the emonSD-17Oct19 image, and all is great, except for the reformatting in the SolarPV app.
I use a tablet in my kitchen to display this, and the new mobile friendly format does not display as well since the update (it only takes up the top half of the screen)

Is it possible to revert the app to an older version to get the ‘full screen’ view back on the tablet?
Is it just a case of replacing the mysolarpv.php file with an older one from Github, or is there more to it than that?
What was the date that these changes came in (so I can target an older version?



Tim, just a thought, you haven’t got “download desktop version” of the web page enabled in the browser do you? This may explain the strange rendering.

Depends what version you moved from, but probably not.

If you post some screenshots, @emrys may be able to do something about it.

It would be better fixed for all.

I agree @borpin, it should be a easier to fix than to revert if i could see what the app looks like on the tablet… A photo,screenshot or even the screen resolution would be useful for me to recreate the issue… Is it Android o’r Apple?

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Thanks for the replies.

Screenshots attached (sorry about the low tech approach)

The first is from my local setup and the graph only fills half the screen. The second is from where the graph displays properly / full screen.

I get a similar experience in a browser on my PC, where the height of the graph stays static no matter what the size of the browser window is…

Thanks for the help - let me know if I can get you any more information @emrys.

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Thanks @Tim_Meadows just what i needed. The graph is not filling the full height as it was before. I see the problem now. I’ll make a GitHub issue to correct this.

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Thanks @emrys, much appreciated!

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hi @Tim_Meadows
are you able to test this pull request? please comment if this fixes your issue so that the changes can be merged into the master branch. This will then make it to the next ‘stable’ release that your device (and everyone else’s) will update to when a system update is ran.

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Hi @emrys,

Yes, that looks to have fixed it. All nicely sized to fill the screen! :slight_smile:


Also confirms it works fine now! (did last week update from 9… to latest… and graph size wasn’t correct anymore)
Workaround for now: (in modules folder)

git clone GitHub - emrysr/app: Emoncms App module: application specific dashboards: includes myelectric, mysolarpv, myheatpump and solar + wind app. -b fix/issue-130-mysolar-graph-height

Thanks! :+1: