MySolar app shows Export higher than solar creating!

I am brand new to the Emonpi and emoncms.

Set it up last night as per the guide online.

But today when viewing the data remotely via the MySolar app that the Export to Grid value in the middle at the top shows higher value than the solar is making.

In fact it is the total of that plus what is showing as Grid (but inverted as the grid shows as negative) assume that grid should show as negative when exporting?

Any assistance would be helpful.

Many thanks


That is indeed our convention. The direction of power flow is determined by the relative phase of voltage and current. Reversing the c.t. on its cable will (effectively) multiply the power by -1. (If you have an a.c. adapter with a reversible plug, that has the same effect).

Hi, Thanks for the reply.

I have now resolved this, by double checking where the CT’s were placed.

Found I had the consumption one in the wrong place.

Moved it and now all is working as it should.