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MySolar app: customizable lower limit for solar

Please make it possible to customize the lower limit for solar (currently fix at 10W).

// Lower limit for solar
if (solar_now<10) solar_now = 0;

Hello @GrungeGuitarist do you have a local emoncms install? you are welcome to change this value in the code on your system if you like.

No, I use the emoncms server That’s why I would really like to have this limit customizable.

I support this request, since I see noise in the 10-13W range on my solar CT overnight.

I added 2 steps in my input processing before log to feed:

  1. IF (the total of my 2 inverters) > 12 SKIP NEXT
  2. Reset to ZERO

Hey presto! I no longer record the overnight trickles!

This does not work if my lower limit is BELOW the fixed 10W - as in my case.

So what can we do to solve this issue? I would really appreciate this.