MySolar and MyElectric 'today' button

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I was wondering if it had been considered adding a ‘today’ button to the apps displaying electricity/solar usage? MySolar, MyElectric, Octopus Agile etc.

ie, just show 00:00 to now.

We have 1h, 8h, D, M, Y. But D shows the previous full 24 hours.

Having a single today view would also allow the summary figures at the bottom only show only today’s totals too.

You can see this sort of display in action on PVOutput, which I think works well… the graph compresses to fill the space as the day (and data) goes along.

Final piece of feedback. When connecting to, there is no favicon icon. So Chrome for example shows the default world logo.

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To avoid confusion with “the previous full 24 hours,” call it “today so far.”
(that’s the approach Grafana takes)

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I’d suggest adding in 24h - 1h, 8h, 24h, D, M, Y


I’ll second that. I modded the code (until I switched to Grafana) so that it would display 24h
(as well as 12h) and found it very useful.


@Gwil, could this be added as a feature request in the appropriate Repo? I suspect it may be a global change as all the visualizations look very similar


Added here, thanks

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My suggestion would be that 1h, 8h, 24h shows that period as elapsed time, while D, M, Y as current day, month and year.

Using < and > for navigating whole periods as last selected. So if M is selected and showing the current month, selecting < will show previous month.


I’ve been looking at this very problem today (haha).

In my other system and the app I’m building in EmonCMS I’ve created a


button as a compact representation of “since midnight”. I’ve been using “24h” to mean 24 hours and I don’t have a “D” button.

<div class="powergraph-navigation">
    <span class="bluenav" id="right" >></span>
    <span class="bluenav" id="left" ><</span>
    <span class="bluenav" id="zoomout" >-</span>
    <span class="bluenav" id="zoomin" >+</span>
    <span class="bluenav time dmy" time='720'>m</span>
    <span class="bluenav time dmy" time='168'>w</span>
    <span class="bluenav time" time='24'>24h</span>
    <span class="bluenav time" time='tdy'>tdy</span>
    <span class="bluenav time" time='3'>3h</span>
    <span class="bluenav time" time='1'>1h</span>
    <span class="bluenav time" time='0.166'>10m</span>

As with Michiel, I’d like the “<” and “>” buttons to move by the selected chunk size. I haven’t looked into what they do at the moment, but it’s in my list of things to fix later because I can’t work out what it is doing at the moment. It calls “panleft” and “panright” on the view.

FWIW I have this scrap of dodgy code to get midnight:

function midnight(){
    const midnight =new Date();
    return midnight;

Seeing as I run everything in UTC I’m obviously fine with this, but I’m assuming you’d want timezone-specific midnight which this may not be doing. The fact that I’m not sure is partly why I run everything in UTC :slight_smile:


David Bowen

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