Myenergi data to Emoncms


I’m just getting started with setting up my hardware (emonTx v3.4 & emonBase Pi 3B+) and wondering if it is possible to integrate data from my myenergi Eddi diverter to avoid doubling up measurement and because of the physical separation between my consumer unit and the diverter (clamp tails aren’t long enough).

Has anyone successfully created a nodeRed flow for this? When I last attempted to retrieve data I found inconsistent JSON formatting made this difficult.

Is it even possible to combine third party data into emonCMS graphs in this way? As you can tell I’m quite new to all this.



My setup has the myenergi data ingested into Home Assistant via the myenergi HACS integration.

From there I export to cloud version of Emoncms using emoncms_history integration:.

Emoncms History - Home Assistant.

I know that’s not the same setup and includes Home Assistant, but it may give you a steer.

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