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MyElectric web app showing yesterday's kWh total

Hi all

The MyElectric web app (both on and my local emoncms) is showing me yesterday’s kWh total where it should be showing me today’s running kWh total (top right). The kWh feed value looks correct on the feeds page, both on and locally. Strangely, the Android app (which is using the same feeds) shows it correctly, which suggests the feeds themselves are set up correctly.

On the web apps, the historic kWh totals for each day are in the correct place, it’s just the live running total that seems to be wrong. For instance, if yesterday’s total was 8.2kWh, I will just see 8.2 all day today as the current kWh.

My EmonPi’s clock hasn’t gone forward one hour for BST, could that be behind things? None of my feeds or graphs seem affected or offset at all by that discrepancy, though.

The EmonPi is running the Nov16 image, iirc.

I have this problem and it seemed to have started as a result of the clocks changing to BST.

How can I fix this without a system refresh and without losing my accumulated data?

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