MyElectric shows different Today kWh on desktop and on mobile

The MyElectric dashboard on desktop shows the correct “Today” kWh but on mobile (iOS) it shows the yesterday + the today value. For example if Today is 27.2 kWh the desktop shows that all right but the mobile app at the same time shows 93 kWh which happens to be the today (27 kWh) + the yesterday total (66 kWh). My timezone in the EmonCMS settings is correctly set to Pacific/Auckland.

The correct “Today” value and note the Yesterday 66 kWh in the bar chart:

And here the iOS display, showing 93 kWh (66 + 27 kWh)

Is it a bug in the iOS version or is it some setting somewhere that I can change?

Yes @mattjgalloway is making a new release whith correction
We need just wait :wink:

Update is in with Apple - just waiting for them to approve it.