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Mycroft-gui AI skill for energy monitors

hi there perhaps a few might find this useful I built a mycroft-gui for displaying info or your MARK2 mycroft device or your self built mycroft mark 2 device
you can add in what ever visualization you want, grafana , chronograf OEM what ever you want.
it currently just a simple version as it all I needed , but you can add as many vocab intents as you want and link them to the visualization page.
here it is displaying my energy display( from my energy monitor database ) and my temperature display ( linked to my weewx data)

the system all voice activated all you have to do is say energy monitor or temperature monitor and it display the relevant data … and it will stay active until you say another gui interface skill. if a non gui skill it will simply work together
Energy-Monitor.tar.gz (80.5 KB)

just edit


and add in your own URL for chronograf, grafana or OEM

self.gui.show_url("http://localhost:3000/d/B72_dufMz/energymonitor?viewPanel=2&orgId=1&refresh=10s", override_idle=600000)

I originally made it web configured for the URL via mycroft skill interface , but changed my mind as i did not want my passwords stored on third party servers