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My Solar History View Question

Good Afternoon,

I was wonder if someone could point me in the right direction. My solar app displays the history of the usage and solar generated. Looking at my bar chart there doesn’t appear to be any exported power when there clearly is.
See comparison between OEM website and my solar app.

Is there some customization I can do to resolve this?



It seems your question has been overlooked. I can’t help, hopefully somebody who can will notice.

Hi Robert,

Yes I have had a good search. I have tried playing with my inputs and feeds but no joy. I am wondering if its an issue with a cumulative data error.

Thanks anyway.


Hello @gjones84 can you see any differences in your input processing configuration to the guide here?

I have this same issue - can anyone help please?
I’ve checked all the inputs and set the same as the doco.

The graph says it’s exporting but the history does not


This is how mine are set. P1 is mains. P4 is solar.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the response, not sure how yours is setup but mine is as per the application guide using the Solar PV Type 2 template with only 2 Power inputs. They are always orange - does that have anything to do with it?

Hi Darren,

No when they updating regular the tiles are green. Im not sure exactly what the time periods are but after like 30s they go amber ten after like 60s they go red to indicate its not updating.

I dont think that is your problem.

Try setting them the same as mine. I went though this a while back and found my config works.



That indicates that data was received 34 s ago. If the inputs only update every minute (say), the time shown will go - for example, it depends on how the browser’s refresh cycle lines up with the input data - 4s 9s 14s 19s 24s … up to 59 s, then start again with 4 s.

Not that it will necessarily resolve your particular issue, but I’ve fixed that problem by setting my PC’s clock by getting the time from an NTP server.