My Solar history: another wrong data story


I was playing 2 days ago with the feeds and for a few minutes I was logging data that screwed the history view on my solar app like this:

I was looking at the feed’s visualization but I found no wrong data on the use or solar feeds, and as you can see in the image it affects the “direct”, “export” and “grid” which I cannot find anywhere.

Is it possible to remove the wrong data for a period? In such a case, how could I find where is this data stored? I would be happy to set random values there just to keep the history ratio within the logic limits (I usually have them from 30kWh to -20kWh.

Thanks a lot in advance!

I have a new finding… I see the import_kwh feed got this strange drop of sudden 800kwh (aprox value) here the visualization of this exact moment:

I read that there is a way to react on this via post-process, but I could not follow the explanation, probably I’m too new and dummy… could anybody help here?

Thanks a lot again in advance!

I saw a similar problem in this post:

And I followed the last steps described:

  • Post process to create new feed (this is a surprise to me that magically removes the step that I wanted to remove…)
  • Add logging to that feed to the input processing (quickly else you will have a data gap)
  • Delete old feed.
  • Rename new feed to old feed name.

Now scale looks much better, even I see direc, export and grid values are completely wrong… probably another feed got screwed as well…?

I will have to investigate, still if somebody has got any idea here, it’s more than welcome!