My Solar Divert (using Powerwall as the divert)

I used to have a good My Solar Divert app showing the amount of excess PV going in to my HW, but I have lost track of it since getting a Powerwall, and would like to renew it all. So little diverted energy goes in to the HW now that I am going to ignore it.

But I am not quite sure how to handle the fact that the Powerwall can “consume” energy as well as give it out - unlike a HW tank.

The required fields are …

Use (total use in watts, inc diversion)
Use_kwh (cumulative total use in kWh)

  • is this just the data from a CT on my main “Mains IN” cable, or do I need to filter out exports?

Solar (pv generation in watts)
Solar_kWh (cumulative solar generation in watts)

  • easy to determine


  • (n/a)

Divert (Immersion usage in watts)
Divert_kwh (cumulative divert energy in watts)

  • the obvious thing to use would be my “Powerwall IN” feed, as opposed to either my Powerwall OUT or Powerwall NETT feeds, but that would include energy going in during the night time cheap rate, so it’ll be too high. How might I resolve this

Import_kwh (cumulative grid import in kWh)

  • do I need to create a feed that filters out any exports?



Hello @haffle my understanding is that the MySolarPV divert app is not suitable for battery application at the moment and also distinguishing between solar and grid charging of the power wall at night. I think this is something that needs looking at in more detail and probably developing a custom app that is tailored for this setup.

There was another thread on this quite recently, but I can’t find it now…

OK - I thought that might be the case.

Obviously the installed user base of PV panels is much larger than storage batteries, but the latter will become more common over time, so perhaps worth thinking about?

The thread you may have been thinking about was possibly this one, and now that I re-read it this thread rather duplicates things. Sorry .

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Yes I agree it would be great to better support batteries. Would love to get such a system myself at some point. Yes that’s the thread.

Sorry, I’ve been swamped with work, childcare and repairing some damaged window frames. Building a solar/battery app is on my to-do list.

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As an interim I have a graph set up to see what’s going on:

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Very nice.

I’ll have to have a think about my Inputs & Feeds, and see what would best reflect “use” in my case. Here is one I just created to start things going. Not sure why, but more often than not the fixing of the RH scale to 0 & 100 isn’t always “sticky” (like in this instance).

No prizes for guessing that my cheap rate is between 00:30-04:30 :grinning: