My Heatpump app not showing heat outputs below 0

Hi, I notice that the graph on the heat pump app doesn’t show heat output values below 0. Why is that - won’t that be affecting the COP values it shows?

There is an option at the bottom of the page (assuming you have latest version) that enables negative heat to be shown in the chart:

I believe the CoP calculation does include negative heat regardless of that option.

That’s what I’m after! I ran a full update last week to 11.4.2 but I don’t have that option showing on my app?!
Do the apps have to be updated separately?

You’ll need to update the App component:


I have hit the update button on the app module component. It’s showing 2.7.9. I’ve restarted the laptop but i still don’t have the show negative option.

Have you cleared the browser cache?

Which branch? stable or master? You might need switch to master.

Switching to master has done it - many thanks!