My Energy kw/h offset

is there a way to set an offset value for the kw/h list so that the overall consumption fits with the overall value on my real energy meter ?

It’s possible to apply a scalar e.g. (x 0.9 or x 1.1 etc.) input process before logging power to kwh in Emoncms input processes

I’m not sure that was the question asked, I think he would like the current kWh totals to correspond with the meter readings ie adjust or add-in the difference just once so the 2 (kwh feed and meter reading) increase in unison.

It depends a lot on the feed type used and it is not a trivial process because it’s a running total. If you are ok with a massive jump in values at the time of correction then it may be achievable but back dating the adjustment will be more tricky.

This can be achieved by using a virtual feed.

+Feed - Actual kWh feed

  • (calibrate) - The meter difference