"My Electric" app

My wife and I both have My Electric (emoncms) on our Android phones. It is perfect for our objective to monitor our attempts to reduce household consumption.

I attach screenshots from the two different phones taken at the same time (within 20 seconds).

One shows a power spike at 06:30 and one doesn’t. What would be the reason for that, given that the information is coming from the same data set. Could it be that each phone is selecting periodic values to plot (every 5th value, for example) and there is a ‘phase difference’ in the data values extracted by the two phones?

I think that is exactly it, but Paul (pb66) may well be along later to confirm that.

I have a supplementary question about the app…

I attach simultaneous screenshots from the desktop (top) and android mobile versions of the app (taken around half past midnight today i.e. early hours of Friday morning). I have confirmed from meter readings that the mobile app cumulative daily kWh figure is accurate.

However, the desktop version is showing the following daily kWh values
Sunday 19
Monday 17
Tuesday 23
Wednesday 19
Thursday (no value shown)

Why hasn’t the desktop version posted a Thursday value like the mobile app and why hasn’t the desktop cumulative value reset to zero at midnight?

Is there any way I can replace the cumulative kWh value in this app with the Wh meter pulses counted by the pulse counter?

Hi. Please would someone be able to give me some advice about this? Thanks

I don’t know why no-one has replied, but I do know that the person whom I believe is the creator of the app is on holiday for the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, someone else might be able to help in the meantime.

Thanks, Robert. Perhaps I will bump up this topic again next month. I have no complaints about the app - it’s perfect for my needs. I just want to understand its idiosyncrasies.

Hello @Denbigh1974

Have you set your timezone in the My Account profile section? this issue usually occurs when the timezone set in the account profile does not match the browser timezone.

Should looks like this:


Brilliant, Trystan. Thank you!


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