My Electric app doesn't recognise feeds from pulse counter

I have feeds from two emonTH units, plus a pulse counter on the electricity meter. The My Electric only lets me pick the feeds from the emonTH units - the feeds from the pulse counter are not in the drop-down menus - not particularly useful.

How can I get My Electric to select the feeds from the pulse counter?



Self-hosted emoncms or What type of feeds?

By default the app module only supports phpfina feeds, if using and a different ffed type you will need to duplicate or change the feed to a phpfina, if self-hosted you can easily hack the apps module to also use other feed types, but that may block future updates to the app module unless you are ok with “stashing” your changes using git whilst updating.



I’m not afraid of git stash. I’ll take a look, thanks.

If you take a look at each apps code there is a line defining each feed it is looking for (see this search on the term “engine”) most are set for "engine":"5" so only phpfina feeds are used (the “engine” numbers are listed here).

For example line 162 of the mysolarpv.php file is

    "use":{"type":"feed", "autoname":"use", "engine":"5", "description":"House or building use in watts"},

if you edit that to allow bothe type 2 and type 5 like so

    "use":{"type":"feed", "autoname":"use", "engine":"2,5", "description":"House or building use in watts"},

it will now list all phpfina and phptimeseries feeds, after a full refresh (ctrl-f5)

You will need to repeat for all feeds in all apps that you need to use other feeds types for.

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Brilliant. Now working. Thanks for the details. I wouldn’t have worked that out without help.

Any idea why the app is saying “Power Now = 20W”, whilst the feed has 315W (which must be about right, with a couple of computers and some lights running).