My Electric App Daily Kw values went to zero

I recently upgraded the firmware in my emoncms and the daily kW total went to zero. Any idea what caused this?

@chaines, I’ve seen this happen occasionally. @TrystanLea might have an answer, but I don’t think it is easily fixed.

Is it a standard emonPi setup?

I’m not sure what caused this. Interesting that it happened on a firmware update.

If you have the original power data @chaines you can use the post process module to try to rebuild the feed. See: Emoncms Post Processor - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

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I suspect that is a terminology issue… I’m anticipating a full update was done.

Yes, you are right, it did happen on a full update. Not a firmware update. I will try the suggestions posted and get back to you.

Everything works now. I recreated the feed and all the values showed up! Thanks so much for your help!