My Electric 2 App never shows historical data

The My Electric 2 application as well as the email functionality at do not seem to use my past data at all. I have been logging for more than a week and can so using visualisations.

The My Electric 2 application always correctly displays the current days numbers but will not display for previous days. The email always calculates my KWH as zero for the second week running.

Any advise on how to remedy the problem will be appreciated.

Both the emailreport and the apps (all, not just the myelectric2) use an “ever accumulating total”, looking at your graph it would seem you are resetting each day, so when the deltas are calculated your consumption each day will only appear as the gain in use over the previous day, if you have used less energy than the previous day, your “total” consumption for that day would appear to be a negative value.

Having said that, why your Daily breakdown (and apps) do not display a very small amount and some negative values I couldn’t say, i would have expected values ranging from -10kWh to +8kWh.

[EDIT] Actually it might be due to the time of day the total is taken, if it was using a time soon after the time you reset each day, it would appear that the total each day is 0, therefore the difference (delta) will be 0 too.

Thanks very much for the reply. Please advise if the daily reset is something configurable in my user profile somewhere. It has been my assumption that my inverter would send reset values at 00:00 (GMT + 2 (No DST) ) and also assumed that would be the correct behaviour.

Thank you Paul. Your mention of daily resets shed light that I should not rely on daily reset value send by the inverter. I should have created my own KWH accumulator on the sent it KW inputs. All applications seem to now seem to work as expected.

Once again thank you very much.