My dashboard Showcase


Past few weeks learned quite a bit from the forums, thx all for the replies, I am impressed with emoncms capabilities, I had emoncms hosted locally on a server, then moved everything from a VM to the raspberry pi 3, and quite impressed at the performance.

Pic of my electrical panel, and the BCM (Branch Circuit Monitor)

To get the data to show up in emoncms. Needed to take on a few steps.

My Setup:

Branch Circuit Monitor and Mains have CT’s which then are connected via modbus RS485 to a LON FieldServer converter–> data then is passed to the JACE via LON, I do trending and load shedding, then the data is exported via SNMP → then raspberry pi has node-red installed, I have SNMP nodes requesting data → and are publishing the information to emonCMS.

And here’s the final result. Not much data as I have setup the raspberry pi 2 days ago, and not enough data has been accumulated. I have a lot of plans for this, this is just the start.

In case the URL does not resolve, here’s the screen caps.


The DNS is failing on your URL :frowning:

Could you add a png screen grab to your post since your URL will probalby not work forever…

My apologies Glyn.

Should work now, ISP changed the IP and forgot to setup dns auto updater.

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Wow, epic widgets :slight_smile:

Do you view this on a vertical monitor?

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i was also wondering about that :slight_smile: What resolution is that and can you view this all at once on your monitor (as i don’t see any scrollbars)?

I will be creating several flavors of the dashboard for an iphone and a tablet that will be stuck to the wall.

But as far as this dashboard is concerned, a regular laptop 15", it scrolls just fine in chrome, firefox, even my iphone.

Some pretty epic setup! Well done.

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