Multiple separate pulse inputs to EmonTX V4 or EmonBase for Emoncms monitoring

We do have a data center with total of 6 energy meters (Carlo Cavazzi EM330 with pulse output model).
I would like to get these pulses for hourly based kWh readings in Emoncms web portal and also logged for later use in excel combined with Nordpool hourly based day a head MWh prices.

Can I work this out with the single EmonTX and EmonBase that I just ordered?

Hello @Kerppa77 and welcome to the forum!

The emonTx4 firmware is currently only configured for a single pulse input. Are you using the CT sensing side of things?

I wonder if the easiest solution would be to use the raspberry Pi GPIO pins for this directly? There’s an example of how to do this, written by @borpin here emonHub Interfacers — OpenEnergyMonitor 0.0.1 documentation, you would need to find a way to attach the pulse counting cables to those GPIO pins but once you have done that it’s a good approach.

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Thanks for Your input. These EM330 are installed by us and these do measure each phase L1-L3 voltage and also has CT clamps in the main inlet phase cables. All of these EM330 are working properly but those only has local screen to get the readings. Also the kWh reading is cumulative and we would like to get it hourly based kWh and remotely accessible. In our model of EM330 we do have only the pulse output option available.

I will check the option You proposed, thanks!

No Modbus?

Yes so it is relatively easy to connect to an RPi or even an ESP device and use ESPHome to read pulses.

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I know there are EM330 with M = M-bus, S = Modbus and O = pulse output. Our models are just with the pulse output.

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I found it hard to get Pi Zero WH now. Out of stock everywhere.

I found this from Ebay. It has also GPIO and connectivity to Pi via USB.
Does this work as an EmonHub interfacer similar to Zero WH?

It might, but no guarantee.

Use the emonBase?

Yes, I have ordered EmonBase so the plan is to use that in my experimentation.

I will give a shot for that and inform how it goes.