Multiple sensors setup

Hello community,

I have this question. If I have 3,4 sensors in one setup and one instance of emoncms like having different sensors at different parts of the house, do I have to buy each sensor AC adapter to measure the voltage of the grid? We need just one AC adapter in one emonTX3 let say and then the voltage could be fed to all the sensors in emoncms. I did not find a way t do this…


What are you trying to measure? Power, Temp, Humidity?

If power of individual devices is what you are after, you can use something like a SonoffPOW. These are reasonably accurate and can be setup to pass the power readings into Emoncms via node-red for instance.

Nice device. Thanks for sharing.

No simply having three sensors for each floor measuring different circuits…

For one of the sensors I have no easy way to supply 220 from the grid. I power the sensor from UPS supplied ac current so no good for real voltage reading.

How do you make SonoffPOW feed its reading to emoncms? I have my own pi server…

If the circuits come back to one distribution box you could just use a CT on each circuit if there is enough cable.

I flash the SonoffPOW with Tasmota first, then it is simple to get it to publish via MQTT. I then pick up that data with node-red, parse it, then publish it for Emoncms to pick up via MQTT (or using the emoncms node).

I usually buy a short extension lead and wire the SonoffPOW into the extension lead.

Hey dude, i’m trying doing it. Can u make some tutorial about how to get data from sonoff pow and send it to emoncms from node-red??