Multiple installations not visible in my acct

I have a user account that can only see one installation (the two visible nodes are an emonPi & emonTX at one location) even though I have installed at two other locations (an emonPi at each location).

Here is the language:

“Administer multiple accounts

If you administer other accounts and wish to handle billing as part of this account, add users by username and password here. Feeds from these accounts will be subtracted from the balance above.”

My understanding is that devices can be seen in one account: is that understanding wrong?


  1. why can’t I see each unique (eg, by location) installation on my existing user dashboard?
  2. is it necessary to have a unique user Wi-Fi ID/password for each installation or is there an alternative - “ accounts”?
  3. the emoncms install went smoothly and reports locally but the data does not make it into the emoncms “cloud” for processing “mosquito” values
  4. my account has an API Key & can generate new keys easily, so, is there something that is required to use the API Key in a plurality of locations that I might be missing that is not creating a plurality of “ accounts”?
  5. finally, what framework is preventing the mosquito value chunks from being processed in the emoncms cloud, if any?