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Multiple emonTx with WiFi posting to a backend

Hello. Forgive me if this has been asked before. I am using one emonTx and posting its data to I am planning on buying more emonTx and I need to post all of their data to my backend, not because of our client request for data privacy.

Is there a way to get all emonTx to post data to my backend? And what would that data look like? Can’t find any examples online so I had to post a question. Thank you very much!

Hi @Agustin_Magne did you manage to figure this out? If not I might be bale to help.

Sorry, I missed this question earlier.

I take it that you are referring to the ESP8266 attached to an emonTx.

Basically, in the ESP8266’s configuration, under “Emoncms” you replace the URL with the URL that belongs to your server. (In my case, it’s my emonPi):

The Write APIKey is of course the one belonging to “my backend”, and it appears in emonCMS there under ‘Emoncms Node Name’ - here “ESP8266”