Multiple datasources (emonTx4´s) in different locations, same EmonCMS

I’m new in the community. I´m considering to use Emon for a professional purpose and I would have some questions…
I would need to monitor more than one installation which are already working and, after reading some docs I don’t have clear if I can display en the same EmonCMS data from different installations which are in different locations. I´m considering to monitor about 70 small installations.
I´m considering Emon because it is an open solution and I would like to avoid privative systems.
Also, I have a second question related with this… If I would need to scale the solution that I have mentioned combining with other measurable things. Could I use Grafana to display the measures instead of EmonCMS at some point?

Thank you very much in advance and also for maintaining this community.
Best regards.