Multiple CT inputs

Hi there. I am a newbie at programming. I am wanting to build a multiple-input energy meter. I have an EmonTX, and arduino uno, as well as 4 CTs for measuring. I am looking for hopefully some insight on how to go about this.

What I have researched and read so far, is only on single-input energy meters. I’m wondering if all I have to do is modify the example code voltage_and_current from the Emon Library to have inputs on 4/5 of the Analog input pins? Assuming also having one of the pins connected to an ac-ac adapter for Voltage measurement.

I cant seem to find someone else who has documented their experience with implementing the multipl-input energy energy with arduino and emontx.

Any links to articles would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry for sounding a bit clueless…

emontx shield on an arduino just to be clear??

if so here an base example of a sketch found here

you will just need to trim out the RF stuff if you do not use it

Welcome, Kaitlyn, to OEM.

The reason Stephen wants you to clarify is we have an emonTx and we have an emonTx Shield. They accomplish the same task, but they are in fact two quite different devices. The emonTx Shield, as the name implies, is a shield for the Arduino Uno (and compatibles). The emonTx is our own design with the processor on-board, so it’s self-contained in that sense.

It’s quite important to be clear which one you’re using, because although the sketches for both are similar, there are small but important differences.

If you haven’t found it yet, take a look at the “Learn” section. In there, you’ll find the basic theory that might help explain how it all works.

Don’t worry about that, we’ll do all we can to help you.

Hi Kaitlyn,

The first question that comes to mind about using more analog inputs is why?
If we have a better idea of exactly what it is you want to do (your end purpose, so to speak)
we may be in a better position to help you.