Multiple apartments

New here. Would it somehow be possible to monitor 20-25 apartments using pulse readouts?


I’m afraid the emonTx/emonPi can only handle a single pulse input per unit therefore you would need 25 separate units.

Could you use CT’s and use an IoTaWatt that has got 14 channel CT inputs?

Yes, but not “out of the box” with OEM stuff as Glyn says. You could connect multiple pulse counters to a Raspberry Pi directly (not an emonPi), it’s been a long time since I studied the GPIO on a Pi, but if you could free up 20-25 pins it would be fairly straightforward, I think 20-25 is pushing it for one Pi but I think 2 Pi’s (even 2 zero WiFi’s) would easily be ample. You might be able to use an IO expander to keep it on one Pi, but I’m not familiar with using them.

Here’s a post where I have connected 2 optical pulse counters to one Pi, but the code is scale-able and there was plenty of GPIO pins left over. (see Directly connecting to Optical Pulse Counter with RPi? - #2 by pb66)

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