Multiple accumulators with a reset

I’m working to get my water meter reading into EmonCMS. I’ve got a python script that will send the usage in gallons every few seconds. I’d like to log this to 3 feeds: One for the raw usage value, one that accumulates into lifetime usage, and one that accumulates into daytime usage.

This is my current process list. What I can’t figure out is where the -2112 value in step 4 is coming from. Shouldn’t the reset in step 3 reset to 0 (what the process list starts with)?

I think it has to do with my attempt to reset the daily_use feed to 0 at midnight…how should I be going about doing that?

Hello @drewzarn did you consider using the ‘delta’ mode when graphing the output of the feed that accumulates for the lifetime usage? following the guide here: Calculating Daily kWh - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor While the guide discusses kWh/d you can also use this for water etc

Hello @drewzarn - As an alternative to using the process list, you can calculate the raw, lifetime, daily, etc. values you want using Python scripting. I’ve found Python more flexible and simpler than using the process list. Let me know if you’d like any Python tips in this matter - I’m happy to share my code (which is derived from other helpful people on the web!)

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Great to hear @sroof are you subscribing to the MQTT topics and then posting the processed results?

No, I’m not subscribing to MQTT topics (I barely know what that is!). Rather, my Python scripts send processed data by standard API input/posts.

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